VFS Rerecording Mixer

The culmination of my VFS Sound Design For Visual Media diploma. 7th Aeon is a dystopic animation by Mads Broni. More details available here.

Mixing is an essential part of any finished sound design piece. Blending dialog, music, and sound effects, is masterfully carried out by the rerecording mixer; a professional career path in and of itself. One where an acute sense of rhythm, dynamics, matching and placement, is crucial to deliver a polished product for everyone’s enjoyment and experience.

A process that is both very technical and artistic. Requiring in-depth knowledge, analysis, and attentive listening; to know what to accomplish and how to create perspectives, in a mix. Volume, panning, loudness, time-based as well as dynamic-based plugins, all play a part in the mix.

Finally, the rerecording mixer assembles deliverables for media (e.g: theatre, streaming) and listening experiences (e.g: stereo, 5.1, Atmos).