VFS Production Sound

Quentin Tarantino goes as far as giving production sound the utmost importance. Wanting to capture the authentic performance directly delivered on set, and not replacing a single word in ADR. As Mark Ulano explains in details in this interview about their production sound ethos.

VFS, thanks to their advanced programs, offered a very practical and interdisciplinary approach for all topics. This was especially true with production sound; where campuses collaborated on curricular films, entirely produced by VFS students, covering each and every crew roles.

Production Sound Mixer

For school films I participated in, I did as the production sound mixer. Unfortunately, I don’t have any footage to share. For the extracurricular collaborations, I do have the end product but not permission to share.

In Production Sound, there are three very discrete professional career paths in and of themselves: boom operator, utility sound technician, and production sound mixer. This is especially true in film-making and EFP. Low budget productions and ENG usually rely on a single “sound guy”.

There would be plenty to elaborate, and only so much space. There are many great resources, and amazing YouTube channels. Choose wisely.