VFS Game Audio

A playlist of some VFS Game Audio exercises and our team(s) game collaboration student title’s trailer. Details in each video description.

Game Audio is vast. Encompassing diverse and specialized technologies, techniques, and professional career paths, in and of themselves. A lot goes into making a title. Every single sound design discipline is adopted.

Besides the DAW for assets recording and editing, there are specific audio middleware tools (e.g: Wwise and FMOD), and game engines capable of implementing audio directly (e.g: Unity3D and Unreal Engine). Many game studios have in-house custom tooling. Moreover, there is assets management (Perforce). Topped off with processes, procedures, quality assurance, documentation, and much, much more.

VFS, thanks to their advanced programs, offered a very practical and interdisciplinary approach for all topics. This was especially true with game audio. Culminating in a collaboration with game design and game development campuses for the entire pipeline of a student video game.

During our game collaboration, besides the sound design team effort with Foley and sound effects recording and editing, voice talents casting and ADR, planning, meetings, assets management, documentation, and QA; I specifically implemented the advanced music system in Wwise.

Regrettably, the game development team was lacking in the deliverables for sound designers’ portfolio department. Besides, for my own fault, no proper collaboration documenting is available to view and peruse either.