VFS Foley

This is the very first VFS Foley exercise where we had the opportunity to go through the entire process, as a team: artistry, recording, editing.

We assigned ourselves tasks, during our spotting session. In the studio we alternated Artistry and Recording. We went with the flow and explored individual ideas, as long as they worked and delivered. Then, we each took care of the Foley Editing of the self-assigned elements.


Foley is a post-production sound discipline often used for sound effects recording (bone crashing, big imapacts, and more). However, it has, technically speaking, a very specific field of operations ending where the sound effects begin. It really depends. Usually, Foley mainly deals with, but not limited to, talents interactions with the environment: what they touch, surfaces they walk on, their clothing, movements and contacts.

Once foley spotting is complete, and a strategy devised, it is time for the Foley Artist(s) and Foley Recordist(s) engineer(s) studio session(s). Total coverage is ideal. Covering as much as possible is paramount. More than perfect syncing, which the Foley Editor(s) can amend at a later stage.

In Foley, Artistry, Recording, and Editing, are three distinct professional career paths in and of themselves. Usually, Foley is accomplished in very purposely built and equipped studios, by discrete professional figures.