VFS Field Recording

Field recording is exactly that: the practice of going out in the field to record as needed. It is an invaluable string in a sound designer’s bow.

A sound designer would always record bespoke sounds tailored to the task at hand: moving pictures, video games, sound libraries, and more.

A VFS Field Recording Trip

Field recording is a professional career path in and of itself. One where dedicated field recordists compile their own sound libraries, to market.

A lot goes into field recording. Choosing the right location, equipment, and recording techniques. Planning accordingly: setup, a backup setup, transportation, potential permits, weather, time of day, and much more.

Recording great sounds in amazing locations is not enough, though. A QA process is always required: spotting, fixing, cleaning, and editing. Then, it is time for industry standard cataloguing to prep the delivery.

Once ready, it is “stores time”: to sell, for networking and marketing.