VFS Dialog Editing

A dialog-and-music-edit export of my VFS Final Project. The music is included because the dialog is sparse. The script is available to peruse.

In picture sound, the hierarchy of importance is DME. D is for dialog, “dialog is king”. If the dialog is unintelligible, there is no point. M stands for music. E comprises all sound effects: Foley, BGs, SFX, and SPFX.

Ready for ADR

Dialog editing and ADR are the dialog post-production disciplines. The latter requires talent(s) studio session(s) to replace the lines that are unusable. Usually, they are unintelligible or invalidated by some kind of noise beyond repair. The former takes care of synchronization to and matching the picture; and of its cleanness: by removing clicks, pops, plosives, sibilants, noises, and imperfections. When this is not enough, ADR is necessary. Then ADR audio reenters the dialog editing pipeline.

Dialog Editing is a professional career path in and of itself. One where skillful masters, painstakingly chip away imperfections, match dialog recorded with different microphones, in different locations, on different days, and in studios (ADR), and make it transparent and unnoticeable.