Foley Editing

A Foley edit excerpt of an extracurricular indie film collaboration. For more Foley details and rationale visit the VFS Foley training page.

Foley is a post-production sound discipline mainly dealing with talents interactions with the environment. For example it can be about, but not limited to, what they touch with their hands, surfaces they walk on, their clothing, movements, and environmental contacts they have.

Perfect timing and synchronization of your Foley artists’ performances and coverage is of the utmost importance; to deliver a convincing sonic reproduction of the talents actions and environmental interactions.

I strive to deliver a perfectly timed and synchronized edit, for the rerecording mixer to blend in the final mix.

The production is required to provide an AAF session, complete with the final cut, and with any Foley recordings pertinent to the desired edit.

You are welcome to start the conversation about your Foley editing.