Dialog Editing

A dialog-and-music-edit export of my VFS Final Project. The music is included because the dialog is sparse. More details and rationale, here.

In picture sound, dialog is of the utmost importance to deliver a story. If dialog is unintelligible, the storytelling lacks its fundamental instrument.

Dialog editing duties are to synchronize and match the production sound dialog to picture; and to assure its cleanness: by removing clicks, pops, plosives, sibilants, noises, and other imperfections. When this is not enough, ADR is necessary. Then ADR audio reenters the editing pipeline.

I strive to deliver a clean, matching to picture, and synchronized edit, of your storytelling and talents performances, ready for the rerecording mixer to blend in the final mix.

The production must provide production sound, any potential ADR, and the final cut, in a AAF session.

You are welcome to start the conversation about your dialog editing.