Sound Design

My VFS final. Some rationale and more details about sound design here. To familiarize with my sound design, please visit Vimeo and YouTube.

Great directors, such as David Lynch, recognize the importance of sound, and that it is 50% of the picture. Crucial to conjure an image.

Sound is that important to pictures and the movie going experience, and it can make or break your story. Whereas lo-fi video could be a stylistic choice, degraded audio and poorly implemented sound design will surely take your audience out of the experience you initially intended to deliver.

I strive to deliver bespoke and fitting auditory make-believe. To characterize and emphasize your story, with ambiences and sound effects, ready for the rerecording mixer final mix.

The production is required to provide the final cut complete with the dialog, and possibly - if present - the soundtrack (final or temporary).

You are welcome to start the conversation about your sound design.