IT Career
Andrea Callea

I have long been passionately involved with Copyleft, Open Source, Creative Commons, and Linux. In 2002, I fell in love with the ethos, the philosophy, and the philanthropy of it all. I’ve since been a proponent and an activist, sharing knowledge, ideas, coding, active participation, and teachings. I used to be a professional Linux Systems Administrator.

An akin area of interest is the Cardano blockchain. The abundant similarities and the same revolutionary ethos led me to partake in the Cardano ecosystem as a stake pool operator and Shelley Pioneer. Until, one day, I sadly lost anything digitally relevant.

Thanks to Cardano I fell in love with Functional Programming. Especially Haskell, Elm, and Roc. If I were to be a professional programmer today, I would love to work with the aforementioned lazy and pure languages.

That is a wonderful past. Do NOT contact me for IT work, please.